AquaFund International

AquaFund International (AFI) - an independent non–profit NGO - was founded in 2003. The principal aim of the organisation is to contribute to poverty eradication by addressing critical issues related to provision and sustainability of safe water, sanitation, health education and food security as a path to a sustainable human development and improvement of livelihood of the vulnerable people in Africa. AquaFund believes that access to potable water and sanitation facilities is a fundamental and basic human right. This right is often denied to most disadvantaged and vulnerable populations in many developing countries.

"No single measure would do more to reduce disease and save lives in the developing world than bringing safe water and adequate sanitation to all."

UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan,
Millennium Report
"Water is probably the only natural resource to touch all aspects of human civilisation - from agricultural and industrial development to the cultural and religious values embedded in society."

Koichiro Matsuura, Director-General

Women and children suffer the burden of supplying their households with water.
They have to collect water from distant
water points.

In Africa lack of access to safe water is a major problem and risk to the health of childern and many displaced populations.